Recipe: Coix seed, jujube, white fungus milk

Home Cooking Recipe: Coix seed, jujube, white fungus milk



  1. Soak the coix seed and white fungus with warm water for about 10 minutes, clean it, put it into the rice cooker, add 2-3 times of water, plug in the power of the rice cooker, select the “soup/porridge” function in the “Function” area, and then press “ Make an appointment, adjust the time to the time you want to end, for example, 7:30 (5:30 rice cooker will automatically start cooking white fungus, 2 hours stew, 7:30 stew)

  2. After the white fungus is finished, put the cleaned red dates and rock sugar into the bowl again. Press the “soup/porridge” function, then press “Start”. After 20 minutes, turn off the rice cooker actively, unplug the power, and eat. Add milk


1. Tremella can be added to the milk after it has been completely stewed. It is recommended to put a bowl and pour it into the appropriate amount of milk, or add the milk to the warm and then the hot white fungus. Avoid excessive heating of the milk to avoid damage to the nutrition. ; 2, Tremella can not be done for a long time, so each time control a good amount, it is best to eat now, the day is best. 3, in order to stew soft glutinous white fungus, the choice of white fungus is also very important, it is best to choose the kind of white fungus labeled "糯", secondly, the time of stewing is also very important, time is too short, white fungus It is not soft to simmer completely. Sharing what I used is the missed card of the white fungus, the quality is good. 4. If the rice cooker has no reservation function, only the soup/porridge function, then you can only use the rice cooker to choose the soup/porridge function to make the white fungus. If it is not even this function, it is also delicious with the pressure cooker!

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