Recipe: Coffee coconut milk

Home Cooking Recipe: Coffee coconut milk


Panna cotta, which is made from coconut milk instead of cream, uses coconut sugar and has a caramel flavor. This jelly has the taste of coconut sugar that you eat when you were young. Coffee can be made with instant black coffee or other. (My coffee is a squirting pot... because I can't buy a filter paper, I can't make a hand rush...) Topping can squeeze a layer of coconut milk "cream", sprinkle with chocolate crumbs, or you can make a salty caramel sauce. Above. Coconut milk cream see another recipe: can just do two small Mason jars~



  1. Pour coconut milk, sugar, and half of the coffee into a small pot, and heat it to a boil over low heat.

  2. Add the gelatin powder to the remaining half of the coffee solution and mix well. Pour a portion of the heated coconut milk mixture and mix well, then pour into the remaining coconut milk mixture and heat to a slight boiling. At this point the liquid should be a bit viscous.

  3. Allow the milk to cool slightly and pour into the prepared container. Refrigerate for at least two hours. Take out, add topping, and eat.


"Coconut sugar is lower than sucrose GI, so it is healthier. If there is no coconut candy, replace it with brown sugar.

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