Recipe: Coconut milk muffin

Home Cooking Recipe: Coconut milk muffin


In fact, it was originally intended to consume the canned coconut milk. It tastes good and loose. It has a strong coconut fragrance.



  1. Butter and fine sugar, salt, heat-insulating water melt into a liquid, add coconut milk in turn, and stir the eggs evenly. Then mix the low-gluten flour and baking powder, add it to the liquid material, stir well, and the muffin paste is finished.

  2. Open a small fire, pour a spoonful of paste with a spoon and pour it into the pot 10 cm vertically. About 0.5-1 minutes, the bubble on the cake surface can be turned over, and the opposite side can be placed in 0.5 minute.


1. The water absorption of each brand's powder and the consistency of the coconut milk are different. Please adjust the batter status according to your actual situation. 2. The coconut milk used here is thick. If you use coconut milk or thin coconut milk, you must reduce the dosage. Otherwise, the batter will be too thin and the fried type is not good. It is recommended that the amount of milk/coconut milk is 40. -50g for reference.

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