Recipe: Coconut milk ferrets

Home Cooking Recipe: Coconut milk ferrets


The ferrets are one of the main specialties of Changbai Mountain. Also known as the Chinese forest frog, it grows in the extremely high and cold Changbai Mountains in the northeastern part of China, with ginseng wild fruits and insects as the main food. In winter, Rana sneaked into the bottom of the river to hibernate for five months. The ferrets are actually the fallopian tubes of Rana chensin. They contain only 4% of the fat and are high-quality fatty acids without cholesterol. The main ingredient is epidermal growth factor that promotes cell division and cortical regeneration. Therefore, there is a magical effect of refining the kidney, nourishing the skin, moistening the lungs, and whitening the skin. It is a pure natural rare supplement that is nourishing, not greasy, and not dry. efficacy Effectively reduce blood cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, soften blood vessels, improve coronary circulation; Improve human immunity, effectively prevent and prevent tuberculosis against various tissues and organs of the human body, and reduce the damage caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy; It can effectively regulate the metabolic disorder of sugar, fat and protein in diabetics and prevent complications; It can improve symptoms such as palpitations, dizziness, fatigue, and irritability, improve sexual function, and delay the aging process of the human body; Ms. Beauty Rejuvenation: It can promote the metabolism of skin tissue, and it can make skin smooth, delicate and elastic.



  1. Snow scorpion 5 grams of casually rinse, tear into a small point soaked in water for 5-6 hours (all said that it is 'not hesitate to blood', buy a fine ferrets, no impurities, 100% dry, just rinse with water That's it)

  2. After the coconut milk is put into the casserole, it is poured into a good snow shovel.

  3. Put a small piece of ginger and drink it for another 5-10 minutes.


The properties of the ferrets are cold, so add a little ginger, you can go to the sputum and go to the cold

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