Recipe: Coconut milk curry chicken rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Coconut milk curry chicken rice


When a person eats, it is inevitable to be alone, so of course you have to use your good taste to treat yourself. Sometimes the tongue is satisfied, the stomach is satisfied, and the heart is unconsciously satisfied.



  1. Cut potatoes, carrots, chicken legs, and chopped onions (or cut into small pieces).

  2. Take the hot oil in the pot (the oil is not required here, I use the olive oil), put the potato pieces and carrot pieces into the pot, stir fry until the edge is slightly browned and put it in the bowl.

  3. Put the butter in the pan, stir fry until the onion is finished, add the sliced ​​chicken leg, stir fry until the chicken leg is discolored, and pour the fried potato pieces and carrot pieces in front.

  4. Add the right amount of hot water, no ingredients in the pot [if you don't want too much juice when you finally drink, this is the best; if you want more curry juice, add more water], boil the fire, turn small Stew in the fire until the potatoes are soft.

  5. Add the curry block [Adjust the amount of curry block by the amount you make yourself, add 2/3-1 box according to my recipe], cook until the water becomes thick, and stir constantly to avoid the pot. Then turn to a small fire.

  6. At this time, you can add coconut milk. Milk and cream without coconut milk can be used (the amount depends on the consistency of the curry juice, or according to your own preference), and then sprinkled with cheese. (There is no special type required here. Cheese, the same as the mozzarella I used), stirring constantly, until the cheese melts, you can pan. [Try to taste at this time, if the taste is heavy, you can adjust the amount of salt and MSG accordingly. 】

  7. Bring a bowl of rice, pour in curry sauce and enjoy the delicious! ! ! o( ̄『 ̄)o


1. The material used for this dish is about three people. You can adjust the dosage according to your own situation and handle it flexibly. 2, add coconut milk, milk or butter, butter and cheese are to enhance the flavor and taste, so that the taste of the taste is strong.

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