Recipe: Coconut Cinnamon Pumpkin Stuffing - Light Card Low Calorie "Japanese Coconut Cinnamon Pumpkin Bag" (Super Delicious Soft European Stuffing / Bread Stuffing / Japanese Mooncake Stuffing!)

Home Cooking Recipe: Coconut Cinnamon Pumpkin Stuffing - Light Card Low Calorie


Autumn and pumpkin are more suitable ~ ???? pumpkin and cinnamon most ~ pumpkin cinnamon fusion coconut ~ such a match with the light is very meaningful ~ ~ ???? reference to a few pumpkin stuffing squares combined with their own brain hole then This "coconut cinnamon pumpkin stuffing" ~! I want to say that this stuffing is really delicious! ! ! The pumpkin party is absolutely good +10~~ I am afraid I forgot it. For the next convenience, I recorded it. This time I referenced Wang Guangguang’s "Japanese-style red bean bag" and made a "Japanese-style coconut cinnamon pumpkin bag". It turns out to be very delicious! ! ✌️ "Japanese red bean bag" link ????



  1. Peeled raw pumpkin 360g Cut into pieces and steamed with a fork and squeeze into a mud. Mix the pumpkin puree with all other ingredients and put it into the non-stick pan. Open the medium and stir-fry as much as possible to stir the water of the pumpkin and then turn it into a small fire. Stir-fried to the pumpkin stuffing, the whole similar to the numbness of the hand can be put off the cool after the cold, the filling will become a little harder, just when the stuffing is better


1. The role of corn starch is to increase the hardness of the whole filling / the effect of putting butter in order to prevent sticking and aromatizing. In short, it is better to pack the package when it is finished! 2. Please according to the sweetness of the pumpkin. Adjust the amount of gold granulated sugar. If you have finished the condensed milk, you may not be able to add sweetness.

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