Recipe: Cocoa Indian Milk Tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Cocoa Indian Milk Tea


When the black tea meets the cocoa, the Indian tea is brought to the incredible taste. The Indian tea after the alcohol reveals the bitter aroma of cocoa, which is adorned with whipped cream and almond slices. In the evening of the autumn wind, how warm it is~



  1. Boil the cold water in the pot, turn off the heat, and put in Assam black tea.

  2. 2-3 minutes or so, when the brown color is getting thicker, pour milk, cocoa powder, and a small amount of fine sugar, cook on low heat, turn off the fire before boiling.

  3. Filter and pour into a cup with whipped cream and almond slices


1. It is best to use Assam black tea made in India for the general milk tea. The milk tea made in this way is the purest taste. 2. Pistachio and other small dried fruits can replace almonds.

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