Recipe: Chuan’s chocolate mousse

Home Cooking Recipe: Chuan’s chocolate mousse


This chocolate mousse, without gelatin, relies entirely on the coagulation power of the chocolate itself, adding a whipped cream, and the taste is very delicate. Friends who have eaten like it.



  1. The chocolate is cut into small pieces and melted at 50 ° C in hot water.

  2. Egg yolk + syrup, sprayed with hot water above 80 °C. (while turning the basin to heat evenly)

  3. After the egg yolk is thickened, it forms a three-dimensional hardness.

  4. The egg yolk is cooled by ice water, stirred and cooled, and added to rum (brandy).

  5. Add the chocolate to the egg yolk and mix well.

  6. The fresh cream is sent from the ice water, and it is 6 to 7 minutes, and the curved corner is pulled up. Then add a little step to the fifth step.

  7. Use a spatula to turn up from the bottom and mix well. Put in a small cup.

  8. I decorated the blueberries on the top myself, so that the mousse is not greasy.

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