Recipe: Christmas tree small bonsai

Home Cooking Recipe: Christmas tree small bonsai


According to the video production of one person, it is not difficult, but it is also very time consuming. The video is fixed in minutes, and it is easy to be confused by small videos. However, if you do it patiently, you will find that the beauty of life should be discovered with care, and everyone can find life. the art of



  1. First fix the carrots, cut off the rhizome at the bottom, let the carrots stand steadily, and then start broccoli from the roots of the carrots.

  2. The first lap of the bottom suggests all the broccoli and choose the larger broccoli flower as the base (not worrying about other decorations), so that the base is firm and stable. From the second lap, you can add cherries or other decorations. Things, you can do whatever you like. Note that the whole toothpick will be slightly longer, depending on the size of the ingredients, adjust the length of the toothpick

  3. Let's go to the top of the carrots layer by layer! Observe and ensure that each layer is round at any time. In general, it can be carried out in a conical shape. After reaching the top, try to select a smaller zealand flower to cover the top cover to ensure that there is no large gap in the compaction.

  4. Finally, use a knife to engrave a five-pointed star on the yellow color pepper, and use a toothpick to insert it at the top and you're done.


1. I bought two small dots of broccoli. If I feel too big, the stem of broccoli is too long, which will cause waste. 2. Carrots are selected to be smooth, not all kinds of curves, but of course they can be trimmed. 3. It is more troublesome to the top, because the broccoli that you need will be very small, and be patient and meticulous. 4. Some broccoli that are tied up must be cut off according to the situation. In short, there will be a plate of scraps. Don’t throw it away. We don't do such a wayward thing, my approach: keep the fine scraps and cook them when you cook them. It's good to eat them. 5. The toothpick is dangerous.

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