Recipe: Chopped pepper sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Chopped pepper sauce


The unique taste of the pepper, put some special flavor when cooking. Mom and Dad will do some things at home every year. This recipe is based on their method. It is a family biography, haha.



  1. Fresh red peppers are bought (preferably with a spicy pepper), washed and drained. It is best to hang on a flat day to dry the water, so that the water from the oyster sauce is less, which is more conducive to preservation.

  2. Cut the dried red peppers, I like to cut them smaller, cut them and put them in a clean, oil-free basin. When you cut the pepper, you can wear a disposable plastic glove.

  3. Cut the ginger into the end and let go of the cut peppers before.

  4. Add a proper amount of salt in the pot and mix well. You can taste it with chopsticks. It is slightly salty and is good for preservation.

  5. Add appropriate amount of high-alcohol (50 degrees or more), sterilize and incense

  6. Load into a suitable container

  7. Pour the appropriate amount of cooking oil into the hot pot, burn it until it smokes, pour it into the container, it is also fragrant and sterilized, which is conducive to preservation.

  8. Seal the container and put it in a cool, ventilated place. It can be eaten in 5-7 days. After the bottle is opened, it is best to keep it in the refrigerator.


Add high-alcohol and hot oil to save the pepper

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