Recipe: Chocolate milk tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Chocolate milk tea


When you feel stressed, stressed, and tired, please let go of your hands, sit down for 5 minutes, and relax with a glass of delicious chocolate milk tea.



  1. Inject boiling water into the teapot, the amount of water to half of the teapot, put 1 or 2 black tea bags according to the size of the teapot, cover the lid, and soak for 3 minutes.

  2. . Take out the tea bag, add white sugar and hot milk to the teapot, and make the milk tea

  3. Put a teaspoon of pure cocoa powder at the bottom of the cup, simmer into hot milk tea, stir well with a teaspoon


In the face of the sweet temptation of chocolate, I am afraid that most people are difficult to resist, especially female friends. Studies have shown that people love chocolate, in addition to their own delicious taste, but also because of the main raw material for making chocolate - cocoa contains some substances that regulate emotions, which can make people feel happy, happy, and even use Auxiliary treatment for mild depression. In addition, both cocoa and black tea contain antioxidants that are good for human health and protect our heart.

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