Recipe: Chocolate Macaron (Italian)

Home Cooking Recipe: Chocolate Macaron (Italian)


A good recipe from "The Four Seasons of Happy Baking" (there are steps to change according to your own understanding). Maybe the pony is the goddess of the dessert world. Everyone is afraid that they will destroy its perfection. Maybe because of ignorance and fearlessness, I am not doing well, but I feel that its beauty is more willing to work for it, so everyone will play together. Let's hold the pony that is not so perfect but charming. Finally, one day I will replace this slag map (╰_╯)#



  1. The cocoa powder, almond powder and powdered sugar in the material A are ground into a mixer to be ground into a fine powder and then sieved into a large mixing bowl. 30 g of protein in A was added to the pot, and the mixture was continuously stirred and mixed.

  2. Put 30g of protein in material B into an anhydrous and oil-free pot. After coarse foaming, add 15g of sugar to the grain to clear the lines. The eggbeater has a standing hook.

  3. The C material is heated in a pan until the temperature rises to 118 degrees. The syrup is slowly poured down along the potting wall of the protein, and the egg beater is sent to the syrup for high-speed fusion.

  4. Add half of the protein from the previous step to the batter in step 1. Use a spatula to pick up the batter from the inside out, and then add the remaining protein and mix well.

  5. The batter was placed in a piping bag of a 1 cm-diameter mouth to extrude a batter having a diameter of 3 to 4 cm on the oily paper, and then air-dried. (See

  6. After the surface is not sticky, bake in the oven preheated 150 to 160 for 10 to 13 minutes, wait until the macaron is completely cool and then remove. (See

  7. Stuffing: black and faint cream 1:1 sitting in hot water and stirring


The formula is very good, but the steps are relatively simple, so the basic reference to the honey white rabbit. This amount is very large. I used a silicone pad that could be filled with 30 holes in less than half, and I can use half the amount. The key point of baking after hard skin is that I think it is high temperature to enter the furnace. If the skirt is slightly larger, it will cool down (I can say that I have a furnace door...) because it is too hollow, it is hollow, so the back To low temperature slow baking. Save me is to install the ziplock bag into the sealed box and put it in the refrigerator. You can eat it when you return to the temperature~ The above is just a shallow understanding of me, if you are not scientific, please correct me! !

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