Recipe: Chocolate Hurricane Cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Chocolate Hurricane Cake


Fang Zi from Xiaodao Xi and "Hurricane Salty Cake & Hurricane Sweet Cake" in addition to cocoa powder also added extra dark chocolate, is very stable and adult taste ~ [[[The following materials can be made into a hollow hurricane with a diameter of 17cm One】】】



  1. The egg yolk and protein are placed separately in two oil-free, water-free clean mixing bowls; 40g dark chocolate is melted in water.

  2. Add 20g of fine granulated sugar (for egg yolk) to the egg yolk, stir evenly with egg to dissolve the sugar, and then lighten the whole color slightly (do not send it), add 50ML water and 50ML oil in turn, continue to stir with egg to fully mix. In the state of less foam, be careful not to stir vigorously after adding oil. It should be centered on the center of the mixing bowl and gently stir outward in a spiral shape. Try not to let the egg touch the bowl wall and make a loud noise.

  3. 5g cocoa powder was sieved with tea filter and stirred evenly

  4. In the previous step, sift 75g of low-gluten flour, sift it with egg in an irregular direction until it forms a smooth batter that is completely invisible, and has no small particles or agglomerates; add 40g of melted dark chocolate and rub the bottom with a spatula Mix evenly

  5. The protein is sprayed at high speed with an electric egg beater. Add 50g of fine sugar to half of the 50g fine sugar when the traces of the white mousse are not lost. After the whipping is completely dissolved, add the remaining fine sugar and continue to send the high-speed sugar. When it is close to the state of dry foaming, the protein syrup brought up by the egg-head can be formed into a slightly hooked state.

  6. Use a spatula to take a third of the protein cream and add it to the egg yolk batter. After mixing, add the remaining two-thirds of the protein cream and continue to mix until a smooth, shiny batter is formed.

  7. Pour the batter into the mold, shake it on the table a few times, then use a toothpick to draw a few circles in the batter to remove the large bubbles, feed it into the lower layer of the preheated 170 degree oven, and bake for 30 minutes.

  8. Immediately after baking, wear insulated gloves to remove the mold, free fall from the height of 40cm to the cooking table, and then buckle down to completely release the mold.

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