Recipe: Chocolate Buffy

Home Cooking Recipe: Chocolate Buffy


Chocolate parfait is the French name for chocolate sundaes. The difference is that English sundaes are usually placed in shallow glass bowls/discs, while Buffy generally uses barrel-type tall-legged glasses as containers; used by French Buffy The material is basically the same as the English sundae, but red wine or syrup is added. This dessert is easier to make, and if you have a Home Party on Christmas Eve, it should be very popular.



  1. Separate the egg yolk, add the white sugar and whipped until it is fine, add the milk and mix evenly; the water is heated and the mixture is not stirred until the egg milk is thick (the scratch can be left on the stirring spoon), and the ready-to-eat custard paste Divide into two parts for cooling; this process takes about half an hour, and you must patiently heat it with a small fire, otherwise it will become a paste.

  2. The dark chocolate is chopped, added with light cream and heated to melt with water. After a little cool, mix with a layer of egg-milk paste and mix well to form a chocolate paste; when heating, the water temperature should be no more than 60 °C.

  3. Prepare a tall glass container (you can also use a straight glass), put a piece of marshmallow on the bottom of the cup, then add the appropriate amount of custard paste, then pour the appropriate amount of chocolate paste, put it in the refrigerator and freeze it to a frozen shape. Topped with chocolate sauce and topped with nuts or seasonal fruits


The dark chocolate used here is sugary, so there is no additional sugar; dilute chocolate can also use milk, but the whipped cream is more fragrant; if milk is used, it should be properly reduced to avoid too thin; chocolate sauce is available in the supermarket. It can also be replaced with chocolate condensed milk. When making this chocolate Buffy, there is no added fish gelatin powder or gelatin and other solidified materials, and it has not been repeatedly whipped, so there is no ice cream of ordinary ice cream, and there is no jelly texture of jelly. It is the pursuit of a soft ice cream taste suitable for winter consumption.

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