Recipe: Chocolate Allah

Home Cooking Recipe: Chocolate Allah


The best companion for chasing, low fat, crisp and no burden~ Occasionally, in the morning and evening, catching a handful of milk and walking with a bag of milk can also deal with breakfast.



  1. Soften the butter, mix it with the egg icing sugar (no need to send it), sift into the low flour and cocoa powder into a dough

  2. Relaxing dough for half an hour

  3. The loose dough is kneaded into a rectangular dough piece with a thickness of about 0.5CM.

  4. Put in the baking tray

  5. Surface brush egg liquid (I did not brush = =) middle layer 180 degrees 20-30min


·The amount of oil is less than 10%. It is not recommended to reduce the amount of oil. Otherwise, it is really... ·Like a curly shape, you can twist it. Personally, you like a bachelor figure~ ·The baking tray does not need to be oiled. It is best to put tin foil on it.

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