Recipe: Chives, cabbage, pork, fried rice cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Chives, cabbage, pork, fried rice cake


The leek is very fresh and very fragrant, but it is a little bit of wood for the fried rice cake; the cabbage is very moist and sweet, just to make up for the shortcomings of the leek. So the combination of the two combined fried rice cakes are not too sweet and delicious! If you like to eat fried rice cakes, you must try it! The amount of three people recorded in the recipe is: ೖ(⑅σ̑ᴗσ̑)ೖ::



  1. Preparation: 1. Cut the meat into silk and mix it with starch, egg white, salt and rice wine. 2. Cut the rice cake into pieces (of course you can also buy ready-made cuts). 3. Chinese cabbage is cut into pieces that are about the size of rice cake. 4. Boil the leeks with boiling water, immediately pick up, drain the water (do not wring it out, drain it), cut into small pieces of 2cm for use. 5. Cut the mushrooms into pieces.

  2. From the oil pan, after the oil is hot, the pork is broken to the ground and immediately picked up. Keep the bottom oil in the pot, put the mushrooms in the stir-fry, stir-fry for about a minute, add the cabbage to stir fry, stir fry the rice cakes for two or three minutes, stir fry, add the soy sauce, stir well, After adding a small bowl of water, put the shredded pork on the top layer and cover it for three minutes.

  3. After three minutes, the lid was opened and the rice cake was completely softened. Join the leeks that have just been cooked and stir fry, and see if it is salty. If it is not enough, you can put a little salt. If it is salty, you can add a bit of sugar. Here, sugar is not for eating sweetness, so it is really only one. Lost, this throwing sugar can have a very good effect. At this time, the water is almost collected, you can put some MSG and put it on! The delicious fried rice cake can be started!


1. The pork must be picked up first, do not burn from the beginning to the end, the meat will be old, not good. 2. The leek must wait for the lid to open and then put it, don't put the leek and cover the lid, the dish will be yellow, no color, the appearance association can not bear it. 3. Mushroom can not be saved, must be put, a certain meaning It says that it plays a role in the dish earlier than meat, preferring not to put meat or to put mushrooms.

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