Recipe: Chili oil

Home Cooking Recipe: Chili oil


Do you believe it? This is a bowl of oil that activates appetite.



  1. Star anise, cinnamon, and pepper are washed and dried thoroughly.

  2. Put the chili powder in a heat-resistant bowl, add the right amount of salt, a little sugar, and mix well.

  3. Pour the right amount of oil into the clean pot, and put in the star anise, cinnamon, pepper, medium and small fire, slowly heat the oil to the pot. When the oil rises, the spice turns yellow and the fragrance is turned off. Turn off the fire with a colander.

  4. Allow the heated oil to stand for about half a minute. After the oil temperature drops slightly, pour it into the chili powder and mix it with a heat-resistant spoon.


Experience sharing: 1. The amount of white sugar is not too much, just a little bit; 2. Heat the oil and put it into the chili powder for a while, so as to avoid the oil temperature being too high and make the chili powder paste off; 3. The choice of chili powder can be based on personal preference. I prefer this powdery type, but also the thicker chili powder. 4. You can also add appropriate amount of sesame to the chili powder according to your personal preference; 5. The spices should be placed when the oil is still cool, then slowly heat the oil with medium and small fires, so that the heated oil is very fragrant; 6. After the evening, the chili oil will be more beautiful.

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