Recipe: Chili noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Chili noodles


When I was young, I planted a lot of peppers in my yard. After I became a red pepper, my mother would pick it up and wash it. When I grew up, I left my hometown and found that everyone else was eating chili sauce. But I still like to eat the chili noodles at home!



  1. The red peppers are washed and dried in the bamboo raft for several hours.

  2. Cut the air-dried red pepper into chunks and put them into a waterless pot. Then cut into the garlic cloves and mix well with salt. It is then placed in a watertight sealed can. Place the refrigerator for two days.

  3. The peppers that were placed in the refrigerator for two days were ground with a broken machine and ground into a chili noodles. In a sealed can, the surface is poured with a layer of sesame oil and sealed for storage.


Peppers should be air-dried and must not have water. The garlic cloves and the pots and jars of the peppers are all water-free, otherwise they are prone to mildew.

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