Recipe: Chicken wings, dried bamboo shoots

Home Cooking Recipe: Chicken wings, dried bamboo shoots



  1. The amount of dried bamboo shoots is soaked in advance, soaked in soft, and the water is changed 1-2 times in the middle. If time is up, it is recommended to use warm water for the first time.

  2. Soaked bamboo shoots

  3. Wash the chicken wings, put salt, cooking wine, soy sauce, a little pepper, ginger

  4. Mix well and marinate

  5. Put a proper amount of oil in the pan and fry the chicken wings.

  6. Small fires and more fried, the surface of the inverted micro-focus, by the way, the chicken wings can also be 5 or 6 minutes.

  7. Pour into dried bamboo shoots

  8. Put a proper amount of salt and sugar

  9. Mix well

  10. Dispose of the wine, cover the dried bamboo shoots, do not let the water

  11. Put a little soy

  12. Cover the lid and cook over medium heat

  13. The chicken wings are cooked, and the fire is stir-fry.

  14. Sprinkle a little chopped green onion


1, a little bit of pepper, that is, when you marinate, put some food, taste, not very spicy when you eat 2, fried chicken wings root must be slowly fried to the surface of the micro-focus, small fire slowly fried 3, dried bamboo shoots are salty, so soak in advance, if the time of soaking, it may still be salty, and you estimate the amount of salt after you estimate it. 4, this chicken wing root, only put the soy sauce, plus a little bit of pepper color, the color is particularly good! !

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