Recipe: Chicken wings

Home Cooking Recipe: Chicken wings


Pickled pepper is a seasoning that is more acceptable to people who are not good at eating spicy food. No need for very strong seasoning, the pepper can give the most natural taste of the ingredients.



  1. In the chicken wings, smash into small pieces, cold water into the pot, bleeding, rinse and drain the water for use;

  2. Ginger, minced garlic and scallions are mixed. After the oily pot is fragrant, stir in the chicken wings and add 1 scoop of soy sauce (the taste can be marinated for more than 2 hours); steam in the pot for about 15 minutes. The chopped green onion can be used.


Stir-fry the pepper with ginger and garlic, it will have the effect of flavor and aroma. In addition to steamed fish and steamed chicken wings, it is also delicious to use steamed peppers to steamed tofu, clams and other vegetarian materials.

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