Recipe: Chicken stir fry

Home Cooking Recipe: Chicken stir fry



  1. Slice the carrots, cut the green peppers, and set aside.

  2. Cook the chicken clams with water (mother said that it should be softer in the pressure cooker), you can put the cooking wine and ginger into the water to cook.

  3. Peanuts are cooked with oil and set aside.

  4. Sauté the ginger slices, peppers and peppers with oil, then add the bean paste to saute.

  5. Add chicken fillet and appropriate amount of water, add carrots after a short time, then add sauce, cooking wine, sugar,

  6. Add some boiled water, I want more juice in the skirt home more water. If you have almost the taste, you can add peanuts and green peppers to stir fry, then cover them for a while.

  7. Finally, add the starch fire to the hook.


Chicken cockroaches are not easy to soften, everyone should deal with the heat or pay attention to it from time to time. Carrots can be placed earlier, which will be softer. Don't put green peppers and peanuts too early, or it will become very soft.

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