Recipe: Chicken stewed with mushrooms

Home Cooking Recipe: Chicken stewed with mushrooms


Today we are going to make a Northeastern dish, chicken stewed with mushrooms. Chicken with mushrooms, it is a perfect match for nutrition. Always eat together, you can warm up the five internal organs, it is definitely healthy and delicious! Although the chicken is stewed with mushrooms, it is not that the chicken is as small as possible. Choosing a chicken that has grown up, walking chicken, that is, free-range chicken is the best. For mushrooms, it is best to use oyster mushrooms to enter the dish.



  1. Oyster mushroom soaked in water in advance, wash away impurities and change water once

  2. The tender chicken is cleaned, cut into pieces, and placed in a voltage. Pour the oyster mushrooms together with the water of the last oyster mushroom

  3. Add cooking wine, soy sauce, rock sugar, onion, ginger, star anise, dried red pepper, a little salt, infused with water, not all ingredients

  4. If you use a voltage cooker, set it for 15 minutes. If the ordinary pot is cooked on fire, the time will be longer and it takes 30~40 minutes.

  5. Before the pan, you can transfer the right amount of chicken essence according to your taste.


If you can't buy a chicken with good taste such as chicken or chicken, you can also use ordinary chicken and three yellow chickens. However, it is recommended to fry the chicken between the stews, which will make it more fragrant.

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