Recipe: Chicken silk stalk

Home Cooking Recipe: Chicken silk stalk


Whether it is chicken silk stalk or gluten fried sage. It is the most delicious appetizing and delicious dish of people in the spring of Beijing.



  1. 2 grams of salt into the group and the meat wrapped in pork

  2. Use a small egg to clear the white flesh of the chicken breast without egg yolk

  3. It is best to cut the chicken breast into thin filaments, please ignore the shreds of my top door bar.

  4. Put a little more pure white pepper, a gram of wine, a gram of salt, and the bottom is also 腥

  5. Finally, put the starch in one direction and stir it up, then add a few drops of oil to be used.

  6. The brightening of the pork must be the next step.

  7. Water must be opened with high fire

  8. Because of absolute amateur, it is the process of whitening the pork as soon as possible with the help of the hedge.

  9. 汆 汆 好的 肉 肉 肉 肉 挺 挺 挺 挺 挺 肉 肉 肉 肉 肉 肉 肉 肉 肉

  10. Put 15 grams of grape seed oil in the pot, add ginger and stir fry

  11. Add the simmered chicken to the washed wormwood stalk

  12. Slightly stir-fry the fire, add the gram of artemisia stalk to the salt and mix well.

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