Recipe: Chicken Shrimp with Served with Meatballs

Home Cooking Recipe: Chicken Shrimp with Served with Meatballs


Autumn is coming, drink a bowl, warm up~



  1. Wash the peeled shrimps, remove the tails, chop the vegetables, chop the vegetables

  2. Put the chicken stuffed shrimp into all the seasonings and mix well.

  3. Take a piece of mink and put a piece of meat filling about 1/3 of the thickness of the little finger.

  4. Fold twice, put some water on one side, stick it

  5. Finish the rest of the bag

  6. Put 4 bowls of water in the pot, boil, use the spoon to pour the excess meat into the pot.

  7. After the pot is put, put in the packaged 馄饨

  8. After boiling, put in half a bowl of cold water, wait for the pot again.

  9. In the bowl, I like to add seaweed, shrimp, winter vegetables, etc.

  10. Delicious chicken with shrimps and scallions


Meatballs can also be accompanied by ketchup. It tastes good~

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