Recipe: Chicken salad

Home Cooking Recipe: Chicken salad


Chicken salad has always been done by parents in the Elise home. Dad is responsible for cutting all the ingredients, and my mother is responsible for adjusting the salad dressing. Although simple, it makes Elise feel very comfortable and warm. This exclusive salad has several characteristics: 1, green olives make the taste of the salad very special, 2, plum candied. In fact, you can also use other kinds of candied fruit. The Elise family just saved a lot of plums and candied this year. 3, chicken skin brings a new flavor to the salad. Preparation time: 10 minutes. Dosage: 4 servings. The original recipe is from here is the translated version.



  1. Prepare all the materials to be used and put them in a large bowl

  2. Prepare salad dressing in another bowl. Mix the mayonnaise, preserves and lemon juice and taste the taste, then adjust as appropriate until the sweet and sour taste is moderate. Season with salt and pepper

  3. Mix the salad dressing and other ingredients, season with salt and pepper

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