Recipe: Chicken pine

Home Cooking Recipe: Chicken pine



  1. Cook the meat, the cooking wine, the onion ginger salt in the raw material into the pressure cooker. The chicken breast is cut into small pieces, and the chicken breast is fried in a pot of hot water. Remove the blood foam, remove it and pour it into the pressure cooker, and press it until it is cooked.

  2. Tear the meat, this torn thin, tearing the appearance of the fur fork is best

  3. Fried meat: slow fire, I use 70 °, this fire will not paste, but very slow. (One hour long) Add soy sauce, sugar, and non-fragrance powder when the meat is fried and discolored. Add some sesame seeds better, then continue to fry, noisy to basically dry and appear plush to change 100 ° fry, pay attention to observe the color and dryness. In the end, it should be broken by hand, so that the taste is crispy.

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