Recipe: Chicken leg mushroom fried meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Chicken leg mushroom fried meat


Mushrooms are good things, and it is good to eat every day. It is very good with meat and meat.



  1. Pleurotus eryngii, tenderloin sliced, green pepper cut into small pieces

  2. Tenderloin with salt, cooking wine, egg white, raw powder and marinated sizing (it is troublesome egg white can choose not to add)

  3. After the hot pot, pour the oil and put it into the tenderloin after the oil is hot.

  4. Green pepper and oyster mushroom are stir-fried in a pot. After some simmering, you can cut the meat and season with salt. If the oyster mushroom is not cooked, you can add some hot water and cook for a while.

  5. Sprinkle some black pepper a few times before the pan


There is soup without soup as you like, in fact, it is ok to make a soup.

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