Recipe: Chicken leg mushroom

Home Cooking Recipe: Chicken leg mushroom


Super meal, this practice can be boring a lot of meat, such as chicken and duck ribs, etc., are very delicious, if you change the chicken leg mushroom into a dry tea tree mushroom will be more fragrant, fresh tea tree mushroom is also possible.



  1. The goose is washed and cut into small pieces, and the fat meat is cut out for use. The ginger slices can be patted on the garlic. The garlic is cut into pieces. The garlic is separated from the garlic. The dried pepper is cut into sections.

  2. A little bit of oil under the hot pot, really a little bit is enough to put the fat meat out of the pot and squeeze the oil out. If you think that the oil can be used, you can put the bowl in the bowl to cook the vegetables. When the oil is squeezed, the ginger and garlic will be cooked. Stir-fry the goose meat, stir-fry the goose slowly, you must have patience, the water on the goose is almost the same when you smoke the old pepper and the star anise. The longer you fry, the more fragrant, pay attention to it. Don't fry, this step is fried until you feel that it is not necessary to add water to the hot water.

  3. After 10 minutes of boring, add the chicken leg mushroom, continue to suffocate for 20 minutes, the chicken leg mushroom will come out in the middle of the water, and finally the garlic section of the salt, the salt can be a little bit, the raw soy sauce is a bit salty, and the fire is filled with juice. Began to eat.

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