Recipe: Chia Seed Suspension Drink Tips

Home Cooking Recipe: Chia Seed Suspension Drink Tips


Summer is here, and the season of drinking juice is coming again. I want to make a cup of Chia seed suspension juice at home, but after I put the Chia seeds in the juice, I found that a grain of Chia seeds has bottomed out. What can I do? Here are the tips for you to keep your Chia seeds floating in the juice.



  1. Add the Chia seeds to the water/juice and use the chopsticks or egg beater for two minutes.

  2. Let the juice stand for a few minutes, you will see the Chia seeds sink to the bottom.

  3. At this time, you have to play again for a few minutes and mix the Chia seeds again.

  4. Allow to stand for 10-15 minutes, then you will find that the Chia seed gel will become thick. Chia seed gum can also be placed in the refrigerator overnight, and in the morning it will completely become a gelatin.


Chia seed gum can be used to drink directly, if you think it is too thick, you can mix it with juice.

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