Recipe: Chestnut ribs, oyster mushrooms

Home Cooking Recipe: Chestnut ribs, oyster mushrooms



  1. Oyster mushroom soaked in water, softened with scissors, cut off the tail induration

  2. Onion ginger slice

  3. The chestnut is cleaned in the water, and a large knife is cut into two halves.

  4. The ribs are cold water in the pot, and after boiling, the fire is removed and the ribs are removed to remove blood.

  5. Heat the pan with oil, stir-fry the shallot ginger

  6. Add ribs, cooking wine, and braised juice for five or six minutes.

  7. Add chestnut, broth, sugar fire, boil and turn to medium heat for 20 minutes.

  8. Add oyster mushrooms, salt and pork ribs sauce and cook for about 20 minutes.

  9. Finally, the fire will concentrate the soup, add the chicken and mix well.


1. Without the broth, use the water of the oyster mushroom, which is more nutritious and more flavorful. 2. The ribs must be cooled under the cold pot to remove blood, so that blood stasis can be released! 3. The amount of salt should be increased, the pork ribs sauce is a bit salty, don't fry. 4. The color of the water of the oyster mushroom is relatively deep, so pay attention to the amount when adding braised juice or soy sauce, otherwise it will be black when burned out, just like a bird, this pot!

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