Recipe: Chestnut marinated rice (Taji pot)

Home Cooking Recipe: Chestnut marinated rice (Taji pot)


Season of tonic in winter Still rely on food to comfort yourself Every rice is full of fragrant marinade, and the chestnut is soft and sweet. This meal must not be missed.



  1. First use water for more than half an hour, the amount of water has not passed the meter around a knuckle, and drop a few drops of oil

  2. Open the fire until the Taji pot is steamed. Turn the small fire (the smallest fire) until the water is basically dry. There are many small bubbles on the surface of the rice.

  3. Clean green peas and chestnut spread over the surface of the rice, cover the lid and continue to simmer for 4-5 minutes.

  4. Put in the marinade and suffocate for 5 minutes.

  5. Cut the chicken legs and cut off the rice. After the rice is turned off, mix the marinated rice and put it into the chicken leg. Use the remaining temperature to cover the lid and then suffocate for 2 minutes.


In addition to the beginning of the heating, the fire is used. After the SAIC, it will turn to a small fire immediately. The whole process uses the smallest fire.

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