Recipe: Chestnut chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Chestnut chicken


Chestnut chicken is very common, chicken is delicious, chestnut powder is smashed, many people love to eat; chestnuts are warm, sweet, rich in vitamin C, have the effect of nourishing the stomach and strengthening the spleen, nourishing the kidney, it is suitable for nourishing after autumn...



  1. After the broiler chicken is finished, change the knife into a uniform block; the chestnuts are processed and bought, and boiled in boiling water for 15 minutes;

  2. Put the ginger under the oil pan, pour in the chicken pieces and stir fry until the surface is dry. Transfer to the cooking wine, soy sauce and soy sauce. Pour in the chestnuts and add about 1 bowl of water. After the fire is boiled, add Cover and simmer for 30 minutes;

  3. Uncover whether the chicken and chestnuts meet the desired degree of softness; add rock sugar and add salt as needed, continue to cook for 10 minutes, and finally change the fire to thicken the soup.


The chestnuts are boiled beforehand to make the maturity basically synchronized with the chicken; the cooking process is as little as possible, and the integrity of the chestnuts will be higher.

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