Recipe: Cherry meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Cherry meat


After the little potter had a vision, he began to have some picky eaters. For example, my family double treasure, sometimes will refuse fat... In order to allow them to balance nutrition, when cooking, when the mother is racking his brains! Buns, dumplings, hand-picked, patties, meatballs... This is not the case. Today, this cherry meat is also made to prevent them from picky eaters. I did not expect to become the dish of my family's love!



  1. Pork belly diced (small for children to eat), ginger chopped

  2. A small amount of oil in the pot, burned to 80% heat, the next pork belly

  3. Stir-fried until the surface is whitish, add ginger and stir fry, cook in soy sauce

  4. Add spices and stir fry for a while, then add some water.

  5. Add boiled sugar after boiling to half dry

  6. After the meat is soft, the water is dried and the pot is cooked.


Vegetable oil should not be too much, meat will come out The meat can't burst to the dry, otherwise the taste is not good. Rock sugar is essential

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