Recipe: Chef's mutton soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Chef's mutton soup



  1. The mutton is soaked in clear water (cool water) for two hours, and the water is changed every hour. After two hours, cut a block of about 5 cm.

  2. Material preparation: three segments of onion (5cm each), chopped parsley, white radish

  3. The water in the pot + cooking wine, the fire is boiled, and the mutton is placed in the flying water for 1mins~2mins. Remove the flushing foam.

  4. Another pot, water + onion, boil over the fire, add the mutton. Turn the pan again and turn to a small fire and cook for 40 minutes.

  5. Add the white radish block and stew for 20mins~30mins.

  6. In the soup bowl, first add the appropriate amount of white pepper, salt and parsley, and pour the mutton soup into the bowl.


Absolutely removes the astringency of lamb

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