Recipe: Cheese white sesame oatmeal (Super Xu Fu Kee Edition)

Home Cooking Recipe: Cheese white sesame oatmeal (Super Xu Fu Kee Edition)


Recently fell in love with a fuss cake from Hsu Fu Chi. The full of crispness is all the creamy and salty impact of cheese. I just want to be able to make this kind of thing at home. So the rabbit started various attempts. After improvement, I finally made it.



  1. 1. Take out two bags of Nestlé yummy original oatmeal and pour it into powder. Screened.

  2. Roast a roasted peanut and cashew in the oven. You can also eat cashew nuts without peanuts. Baked crispy and added to the oatmeal with chopped.

  3. 3. Add 10g of white coconut, 10g of white sesame and 70g of low flour to the fresh oatmeal mixture.

  4. 4. Take the butter softened and add the powdered sugar and 2g of salt to the butter to turn white and soft.

  5. 5. Chop the cheese pieces. Add it to the butter with the egg liquid. Tap with an egg beater.

  6. 6. Mix the oatmeal mixture with the butter mixture. Stir until uniform.

  7. 7. Take about 15g of dough into a ball and press it into a flat cake.

  8. 8. Put in the oven. 180°, 20 minutes baking surface golden out.


1. It is best to use Nestlé. Because there are milk powder and rice flour in the ingredients. Can increase the crispness. 2. Cheese slices can also be replaced with cheddar cheese or cheese powder. 3. Be careful when taking out the cookies. May be soft. Cool will become crisp. 4. Almond powder can be used instead of peanut powder. But maybe the almond powder tastes too strong. Covered the salty aroma of cheese. Friends who like to eat almond powder can be replaced.

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