Recipe: Cheese, tomato, pork, spaghetti

Home Cooking Recipe: Cheese, tomato, pork, spaghetti



  1. Cut the plum slices into slabs, soak them in 5% salt water for 3 hours, then remove them to dry the water, place the pepper, soy sauce, and marinate for half an hour.

  2. Half of the tomato and a little onion is made into a sauce, the remaining tomato and onion are cut into pieces, the oil is poured in the pot, the tomato onion is fried and matured, and the tomato sauce is just beaten, but the taste can be added with some tomato sauce, and the sugar salt is seasoned. .

  3. The spaghetti is cooked (slightly hard) and laid on the bottom of the bowl. Place the pork chop on top, pour the tomato onion and sauce in the second step, and finally sprinkle the Mozzarella cheese, oven for 230 minutes for 10 minutes, cheese weihuang Can eat.

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