Recipe: Cheese, sweet potato

Home Cooking Recipe: Cheese, sweet potato


Simple quick hand zero failure. Lazy afternoon cure for dessert NO1 is not happy to fill the material table, look here: material 1: sweet potato, salt-free butter, condensed milk 2: mozzarella (I used a whole piece of cheese to cut into pieces. The effect is very good) The sweet potato is washed and peeled and steamed on the pan. It is transferred to a baking bowl and crushed with a fork. The thick mud or fine mud is personally preferred. This is really a casual dessert. Add the unsalted butter and condensed milk to the crushed sweet potato loach, and taste it according to your preference. After mixing well, smooth the surface, plan a large amount of mozzarella on the surface, and put it into the oven at 180-200 degrees. Observe that after more than 10 minutes, the cheese on the surface will melt and be colored before it can be baked. I didn't even preheat the oven. I started to get on fire for a while, then I went straight to the fire. . Some places are slightly burnt after coloring. Remove and use a silicone to shovel a plate, garnish with the right amount of blueberries, sprinkle with a layer of vanilla caramel or crushed cinnamon caramel. You can start enjoying it! Pay attention to it!



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: sweet potato

    sweet potato


I tried the microwave oven and turned sweet potatoes. I always felt that it was too dry.

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