Recipe: Cheese and Durian

Home Cooking Recipe: Cheese and Durian


Cheese and durian are the representatives of the richness of West Point. But when they are combined into one, the kind of desire that can't be stopped, you must be able to imagine? The roasted durian meat, hot mouth, aroma with the hot air in the mouth. The onions are kept crisp and the soft palate of the durian meat is a good complement. The brushed cheese has an obvious effect, and the faint salty taste just neutralizes the sweetness of the durian meat. This snack is invincible from the material to the practice, but on the table, whether it is a large pot of hot dishes or a small bowl of dessert, the end is quite amazing, it can be said that it is super cost-effective. Fang Zi is from a big beard.



  1. The onion is shredded, the durian meat is pressed into a mud with a spoon, and the cheese is cut into small pieces.

  2. After the butter is melted in the pan, the onion is scented.

  3. After thoroughly mixing the onion and durian meat, spread a layer evenly on the bottom of the plate.

  4. Spread the diced cheese evenly over the durian mud.

  5. After preheating the household oven, bake at 220 ° C for 10 minutes.

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