Recipe: Cheddar cheese cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Cheddar cheese cake


A quantity of 6 inch mousse box



  1. Place tin foil on the bottom of the mousse box and chop the raisins for use.

  2. After the cream cheese is softened at room temperature, add the sugar and heat it with water. Stir slowly with the egg beater until the cream cheese is smooth without particles.

  3. Add the milk, stir well with the egg beater, and prune the cheddar cheese into small pieces, then add the raisins and mix well.

  4. Leave the hot water, add low-gluten flour and protein after cooling, and stir into a uniform cheese paste with a whisk

  5. Scrape the cheese paste into the mold with a squeegee

  6. After the oven is warmed up, pour hot water on the baking tray, 180 degrees, bake for 25-30 minutes.

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