Recipe: Chaozhou radish cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Chaozhou radish cake



  1. Roast the radish, marinate for half an hour, squeeze out the water

  2. Add sticky rice flour to the extruded radish water. After 1000g of radish is squeezed, 450g remains, and the water is 550g, which is just used as water with rice flour.

  3. Add radish and mix well

  4. Cut the red onion into cubes and fry them into a frying pan.

  5. Remove and leave the base oil, add the green garlic casserole, add the soaked shrimps soaked overnight, stir-fry the mushrooms for a while, add the streaky pork marinated in a small amount of sugar in advance and stir fry for 5 minutes. Into the radish rice paste, leave a little bit of the final embellishment surface

  6. According to the taste, add appropriate amount of salt, white sugar, red onion, mix well, pour into the container with the drawer cloth

  7. Cover the tin foil, add enough water in the steamer, put it on the steamer after boiling, and simmer for one and a half hours.


1. It can be eaten directly, or it can be chilled after being slightly refrigerated in the refrigerator. It is easy to cut into pieces, fried, served with vinegar oil, and scallions foraging. 2. In order to maintain the taste of radish, no need to fry, no need to boil water, directly kill with salt water, squeeze out the water. And the extruded moisture is just used to mix rice flour. 3. The ratio of radish to sticky rice flour is just 3:1. As long as it is fresh radish, the water is sufficient and no additional water is needed. 4. Available with pork belly, but also sausage, bacon. The amount of meat and shrimp and the amount of mushrooms depends on your taste. Just for the match, you can't take the lead. White sugar is only for seasoning, and northerners don't like sweetness. 5. The fried rice is poured into the rice milk and the rice slurry becomes sticky due to heat. Spread the drawer or oil paper inside the container. 6. The top should be covered with tin foil to avoid dripping into the inside to destroy the taste. It is easier to cut the pieces after refrigerating.

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