Recipe: Chaoshan Seafood Casserole Porridge #Lucy私房菜#

Home Cooking Recipe: Chaoshan Seafood Casserole Porridge #Lucy私房菜#


#潮汕砂锅粥# I believe that Guangdong's friends are no strangers and are very popular in Guangzhou. Porridge, as its name suggests, uses a casserole, raw rice, and porridge. When the porridge is ripe, the ingredients are cooked in ingredients. Classic congee has casserole raw fish porridge, casserole sea prawn porridge, casserole crab porridge and so on. A variety of combinations, here is one of them: shrimp + fresh squid casserole porridge! I want to see the taste of the casserole shop at home!



  1. Wash the rice, add water to soak for 30 minutes (the rice grain can fully absorb the water to boil the soft and thick porridge), remove the filtered water, add two spoonfuls (5ml spoon) of peanut oil and mix well (the raw rice mix is ​​easy to cook, and Not easy to stick to the pot)

  2. Wash the mushrooms and dried scallops slightly, soak them in cold water for 15 minutes; after the mushrooms are soaked, go to the stems, cut the silks of the umbrellas, put them back in the bowl and use the chestnut to peel the shells, and use a knife to take a shot, not too broken, ready for use.

  3. Shrimp head to head, open the back to the shrimp line; shrimp head and shrimp standing open (note the tips); remove the shrimp body and add a little salt and cooking wine, mix well, marinate for 10 minutes

  4. Cut the squid and cut it (you can let the squid sell it for you when you buy squid)

  5. Ginger shredded; winter vegetables cut into small pieces; parsley cut into small pieces;

  6. Casserole into the rice cold water 3000ml (water is best added once) casserole before the fire to remember to check the moisture outside the pot, so as not to burst; first small hot pot, wait for the casserole to heat, then turn the medium heat gradually to the fire

  7. Add the soaked mushrooms, dried scallops and water to the casserole; then add the chestnut

  8. After boiling to rice, turn to medium heat and add ginger.

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