Recipe: Champignon, chestnut, roast chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Champignon, chestnut, roast chicken


Autumn and winter will kill the dishes, easy to do, look at the delicious dishes of Shengjin!



  1. Marinate the chicken in soy sauce and a small portion of the sugar for less than an hour.

  2. From the oil pan, put the brown sugar into the pan and fry it. It is said that brown sugar is better than white sugar, and supermarkets sell it.

  3. Put the ginger slices in a frying pan until the corner is slightly browned

  4. Chicken down (do not put the pickled soy sauce together), fry the chicken slightly, fry and continue to fry

  5. When the chicken is a little bit burnt, pour the soy sauce together, add rice wine outside, then the pot gas will come out.

  6. Pour in mushrooms, star anise, dried chili

  7. Cover the lid for 10 minutes, then add the chestnut

  8. After another 5-8 minutes, add small shallots, stir fry, and juice.

  9. Then slimy, sparkling out of the pot!


It doesn't take too long, because the chicken has been pickled, it has been more flavorful; If you are not afraid of greasy, some friends say that you can mix the juice with rice without the juice; in this case, you need to add some water to the front, otherwise it will be too dry; The chestnuts of the season will be more fragrant, that is, this autumn season! If you buy non-fresh chestnuts (like the ones sold in American supermarkets), you can also try this recipe, that is, the scent of chestnut is not so rich.

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