Recipe: Challenge the laver fluffy cake in Beijing Daoxiang Village - crack the money!

Home Cooking Recipe: Challenge the laver fluffy cake in Beijing Daoxiang Village - crack the money!


Beijing Daoxiang Village must buy every time, full of laver (or seaweed) and fluffy pine, salty and soft, there is a kind of sea to catch up! Thanks to Miss Xiaozhu's 7 style models, but still feel @ The taste of the blueberry sour cream cake of yehaizi1234 is closer to the original, and the loved ones will try it out! Acknowledgement: Miss Xiaozhu, yehaizi1234, you are the angel in the kitchen! ~ Mold: Rabbit home slim pink slim pound cake mold (23cm*50*65) baking reference: oven middle layer, 170C (340F), 35 minutes



  1. Preparation: 1.90g of butter softened at room temperature, or simmered in a microwave oven for 15 seconds; 2.1 eggs were warmed at room temperature. 3.120g low powder +1g baking powder +1g soda powder + a small bismuth salt mixed sifting; 4. appropriate amount of seaweed soaked in warm water, chopped; 5. mold smear or pad paper; 6. oven preheating 170C (340F)

  2. Add 50g of sugar to the softened butter and mix well with egg.

  3. Add 1 egg (room temperature), stir well, add a few drops of vanilla extract to the egg tart.

  4. 100 g of sour cream and powder were added to the butter mixture twice and whipped evenly.

  5. Add a proper amount of minced meat and mix well with a squeegee.

  6. The seaweed with the foamed hair is smashed and dried, added and scraped evenly with a spatula.

  7. Put the batter into the mold with a scraper and scrape the surface. If a long-shaped pound cake mold is used, it is best to use a scraper to make the batter high in the middle and low in the middle, and use a scraper to draw a 'pit' in the middle. 'It's easy for the cake to crack out of a beautiful shape.'

  8. The middle layer of the oven, 170C (340F), baked for 35 minutes. After roasting, it is naturally cooled and then demoulded. Wrap it in tin foil and put it in the refrigerator for 4 hours until the cake is hardened and sliced ​​for consumption.


1. No seaweed can be replaced with seaweed, I use a soup bag of seaweed soup, huh, huh, there are also carrots and small seaweed, which is richer in taste.

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