Recipe: Celery duck

Home Cooking Recipe: Celery duck



  1. Washed slices of duck plaque (cut flowers are also available)

  2. Millet pepper, garlic chopped into chopped duck chops, add appropriate amount of soy sauce, salt, marinated

  3. Celery go to the leaves, cut two centimeters long strips, sour radish cut strips

  4. Add the rapeseed oil to the oil in the pot, heat the oil to 80% heat, add half a spoonful of the bean paste in the Pixian County, stir fry the red oil, add the marinated duck breasts, stir fry, add the sour radish celery when frying, add the appropriate amount of salt (because Before the duck oysters added salt, the bean paste is salty, so try it before adding salt. Then stir the fish for two minutes and add the chicken essence (add more and less according to your own taste). Stir fry evenly.


More like to eat sour partners can also add sour millet pepper

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