Recipe: Caviar steamed egg

Home Cooking Recipe: Caviar steamed egg


It is delicious and nutritious, and the baby loves it.



  1. Beat one egg in a bowl and spread the eggs evenly into egg.

  2. Add the appropriate amount of salt to the egg liquid, add warm water, the amount of water is as much as the egg liquid, and continue to stir evenly.

  3. Boil the boiled water in the steamer. After the water is opened, put the bowl of the egg filling liquid, and buckle a plate on the bowl, cover the lid, and keep the steam for about five minutes.

  4. After five minutes, open the lid, place two tablespoons of caviar on the steamed egg, and cover the plate and lid for five to ten minutes.

  5. After steaming, remove the steamed egg, but with some chopped green onion, you can eat it.


1. Don't put too much salt, the caviar itself has a salty taste. If it is steamed, it will be light, and it will be good to put some seafood. 2. Steamed eggs must be covered with a plate or lid on the bowl. The cling film can also be used, otherwise there will be a lot of bubbles.

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