Recipe: Cashew cheese macaroni

Home Cooking Recipe: Cashew cheese macaroni


Convenient and fast, the materials are also very easy to find, Kang busy ~



  1. Boiled boiled macaroni, depending on personal preference, the degree of hardness is usually around 13 minutes. After cooking, pick up cold water and let cool, add some olive oil and mix thoroughly.

  2. While cooking the noodles, chop the garlic (one flap) for later use.

  3. Melt the butter in a small fire, add the minced garlic, and slowly fry until golden.

  4. Pour the tomato pasta sauce (there is usually a ready-to-eat pasta sauce in the supermarket. If there is no meat, add some minced meat or bacon), and add some black pepper powder to taste.

  5. After the sauce is adjusted, pour the macaroni and continue to stir until the taste is added.

  6. Start the pan, serve the plate, sprinkle with parsley, cheese powder and cashew nuts to eat. ^^


Before the pot, according to personal taste, you can also add the cheese slices and stir-fry until it melts. It tastes smoother and more intense.

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