Recipe: Cartoon cookie

Home Cooking Recipe: Cartoon cookie


The cartoon biscuits are simple in practice and have become a magic weapon for children. Finally, they are decorated with chocolate sauce and feel a lot more vivid.



  1. Butter the butter at room temperature, add the powdered sugar, mix it first with a squeegee, then mix evenly with the eggbeater

  2. Add whole egg liquid in portions and mix well. Add vanilla extract and mix well.

  3. Screen all powders. Grab the dough and refrigerate for 1 hour. After taking out, it is rolled into a sheet of 0.3 cm.

  4. The pattern is pressed out with a mold, and the remaining dough can be used as a stick. Bake at 170 degrees for about 15 minutes

  5. Draw eyes, nose, mouth with melted chocolate

  6. Spread the melted chocolate on the back of the biscuit

  7. Stick on the small stick that can be taken, put it on the net rack to be solidified


1. This component is relatively small. Actually, I only do a lot, so the number of cookies is only an estimate and not very accurate. 2. I made this biscuit with fine sugar and powdered sugar. I personally make cartoon biscuits. The biscuits with shape are more suitable for sugar powder. The surface is smooth. The biscuits made with sugar are prone to cracks and affect the appearance. 3, do not need to send the cream when stirring, as long as the mixing is good, the egg liquid should be added in several parts. 4, the model presses the remaining dough I re-opened into a square, cut into strips of small sticks used as a hand. 5, after dip the biscuit stick, you must wait for the chocolate to completely solidify, otherwise you can't get it.

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