Recipe: Carrot, red pepper, fungus, fried chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Carrot, red pepper, fungus, fried chicken


I like to eat carrots, no matter what way to cook carrots, but also like black fungus, not to mention black fungus is a good thing with very good nutritional value. Then, if you mix it with tender red peppers, refreshing chicken, such a small dish in the late summer and early autumn, is not very pleasing.



  1. Carrots, red peppers, and black fungus are shredded separately.

  2. Cut the chicken breasts and marinate them with a pinch of salt, cooking wine, and black pepper for 15 minutes. Don't put too much black pepper, otherwise the taste is too heavy

  3. The oil pan 7 is hot, and the chicken is stir-fried. After the color turns white, pour the chopped vegetable silk, stir fry together, and add the wine.

  4. Don't fry too much, make sure the chicken is cooked, the vegetables are slightly crispy and delicious.

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