Recipe: Caramel Walnut Tower

Home Cooking Recipe: Caramel Walnut Tower



  1. 1. Mix the sugar and honey, heat it on low heat, and keep stirring until the syrup begins to turn reddish and turn off the heat.

  2. 2. Pour the boiled milk slowly into the syrup and mix evenly while pouring. Then add butter and stir until dissolved.

  3. 3, the walnuts are crushed into the caramel syrup, stirred evenly, after cooling, the caramel walnut filling.

  4. Above is the pie stuffing, the following is the pie skin, the practice refers to the sweet pie

  5. 1. After the butter has softened, pour low-gluten flour and sugar, and simmer the butter and flour by hand until it is even.

  6. 2. The mixed flour should look like cornmeal.

  7. 3, add water to the flour, smash into a group, wake up on the release board for 15 minutes

  8. 4. Roll the awake dough into thin slices, cover it on the plate, gently press the dough piece by hand, remove the excess corners, and let it fit the plate by hand.

  9. 5. Use a fork to fork the small hole on the pie, put the finished stuff into the pie, put it into the preheated oven 180 degrees, the middle layer, about 25 minutes. .


The faction is done by itself, but the above is based on the small words, put the link Her picture is much more beautiful than me, huh, huh.

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