Recipe: Cappuccino Chocolate Coffee

Home Cooking Recipe: Cappuccino Chocolate Coffee



  1. The coffee machine takes out the filter, does not add coffee powder, only adds water, opens the switch, preheats the machine through the circulation of boiling water, and removes the taste of the machine.

  2. Put the filter and coffee powder, add water to the sink, turn on the switch, turn off the switch after a small amount of coffee, let the coffee powder steam, turn on the switch after 20 seconds (this step is beneficial to better extract the ingredients and aroma of the coffee) Good coffee

  3. When the milk is boiled to a slight boiling, the amount of milk added by a cup of coffee is about 1.5 times the volume of the original foam. After the cup is shaken, the cup is lightly shaken a few times, and the large bubbles are shaken, and the cup is shaken slightly to make the milk foam evenly.

  4. After the coffee cup is warmed with boiling water, pour about 1/3 of the coffee, pour the foamed milk, and finally sprinkle with the chocolate.

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